11 January, 2008

DRC and WomenforWomen

WCNN's Anderson Cooper will be highlighting the plight of the women in the DR Congo on the CBS news magazine, 60 Minutes. The show will air at 7:00 pm on Sunday, January 13. Check your local listings for exact air times and please forward this to your friends to spread the word.

Every day in the Congo women are being traumatized; their suffering used as weapons of war. Anderson Cooper and 60 Minutes visited our operations in the DR Congo and met the women we serve. The 60 Minutes piece, “War Against Women”, will enlighten thousands more to the unspeakable violence these brave women face every day as well as the hope for the future that the Women for Women International program brings.

We invite you to watch the show or set your recorder. Check our website, www.womenforwomen.org/congo, for more information and continued updates on the show, to make a donation, or to learn more about the women of the DR Congo.

We are grateful for your support and for the opportunity to share the stories of the women around the world with even more people.

On behalf of the women we serve, Women for Women International

This isn't a new struggle, yet the world has sat by and silently allowed the women of the DRC to be brutally violated, attached, and abused. Unspeakable acts of violence are being committed daily in the DRC, women are being used as weapons of war. Entering into knowledge of this conflict is not for the faint of heart, the stories I hear/read coming out of this African nation are vile and unimaginable. But we must do something to help! We must speak out, these women need a voice. I've heard that close to or over 40% of the women in the DRC have suffered massive physical/sexual abuse. Women are always the first to suffer in times of conflict and war, we must tell the women, the girls of the DRC they are not alone.

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