18 June, 2007

I use to think that taking communion every week would cheapen it...

...Now I realize it draws me closer to Him. It's a consistent reminder, a forced a pause, a given time to consider my week, to repent, and find Him anew. I love it. And I love the ceremony, the care given to serve communion. There is so much more emotion (for lack of a better word) in having to go to the front and hear - to each person - "this is the body of Christ, broken for you" "this is the blood of Christ, shed for you." I mean come on, taking a waver and a shot of juice while sitting in a pew with cheesy Christian instrumental musical playing does nothing, invokes nothing, draws nothing like having to walk and recieve what He has given.

I wish we did communion at the start of the service because I feel it would put me in a more reverent and aware place. Instead I just get there and then we're saying peace for the evening.

Like as I said, I appreciate communion now, it actually means something.

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