25 July, 2005

I have concluded how love is going to be for me…

It’s going to be one of those love/hate kinda of things where we hate each other forever and then one day, realize we can’t live without the other person. That’s just how it has to be, really. I am far to cynical to just let love happen – it’s going to have to smack me upside the head… and I relate well to the movies/books of people who can't stand each other but secretly love each other but pride or past circumnstances keep them apart. and when I consider love and how it'll happen (as much as you can "know" when you ponder) it just seems to me that's how it's going to have to be...

anywho, just a thought.

I leave for D.C. tomorrow and I am so ready – so ready. I can hardly stand it! Details when I return.

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