29 April, 2005

I was realizing something the other night – that I usually only write on here when I am sad or really frustrated! Sorry bout that.

Well I have exciting news tonight: I am going to be studying in D.C. in the fall. I got into a program there. It’s super cool - you take one class at a time and they set you up with an internship for 20+ hours a week… We sent the registration money in Friday so hopefully someone will be contacting me soon.

It’s weird because I have been so restless here, and had actually decided I wasn’t coming back. But even after I knew I was going I wanted to hang onto positions, or the few other good things that still exist. When I get back my college will be different, I know you’re thinking – duh! But it will be. The majority of my friends are graduating in 8 days, many of them getting married. The ones that are still going to be here are moving, and who knows what can happen in 7 months! It’s hard to consider going and coming back, totally changed, and finding a place. But then again, I have struggled with that everyday here…

I resigned from my Director position for next year. That was hard – I have to admit that is the one thing I held onto with clenched fists. I don’t want it to be out of my control! I spoke with my boss the other day for a while (well cried to her) and she was really comforting to me. I love her because of that, I can go and talk to her - she has been such a calming person in my life, one of the view reasons I have stayed at school and am still sane. But how do you relay that to someone, hmmmm - we’ll see. We got to have lunch together the other day - just her and me. It was a really good time.

3 Finals, 1 Presentation and then I am done…. wow.

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