12 February, 2015

Violence the Unacceptable Choice

Patrick Stewart was asked what the most important thing he has done outside of acting is and this was his response.

Here is the Amnesty talk that was referred to and a link to the UN platform he did. 

Stewart, who grew up in a home where abuse occurred, speaks to the mistaken prejudice that women must have "done something" to deserve their abuse. It is the lie that excuses the abuse and places the blame on the victim. It is wrong (to use his response)!  There is nothing a woman does to justify being attacked. Furthermore, Stewart (with lots of emotion) states: Violence is never, ever a choice that a man should make. 

This is the greatest lie that allows abuse to continue and it is one of the biggest lies we have to combat and defeat if we are ever going to end violence. Men need to stand up and say to other men that violence is not okay. 

I also appreciate that, without excusing his actions, Stewart is able to state that his father suffered with undiagnosed PTSD and that played a role in his behavior and abuse. Still, violence is a choice. Stewart now does a lot of work equally for battered women and for those who are suffering with PTSD.

Read about the experience from the amazing woman who asked Stewart the question.

(this post was originally written for Let Them Have Faces)

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