03 December, 2013

Advent: A Season of Preparation

The season of Advent is upon us. Advent is us waiting for the birth of Christ. It’s the time when we prepare for His arrival and our redemption.

This year I am reading through Baby Jesus Blog: An Advent Study. Each day brings a different perspective on waiting for a child to come. Whether it’s through childbearing, adoption, or being a friend of someone who is expecting, the process of waiting for a child can be exciting, tedious, joyous, hopeful and life-altering.

But in the midst of the preparing for His arrival we need to ensure we are focusing on the right things. Are we just keeping busy or are we making a place for Jesus to come? Are we working to create a place where the broken, the stranger, the hungry will be welcome (as Sarah Jobe suggests)? Are we preparing for our hope and joy?

The reality is that while we prepare our home a certain level of openness and vulnerability is to be expected. We cannot only open our hearts to those treat us well or only do what we want, but also to those who might break our heart. To love, to prepare a place, is to welcome joy, pain, knowing, being known, growth, possibility, honesty - in whatever form that comes. 

Lord, may we in this day open ourselves to Jesus—that we might let him steal our hearts, even—but that we would know in this unusual expectancy that He is not “ours.” Help us wait with reverence and fragility for a hope that is real. (Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove)

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