23 May, 2011


It's me.

I am still around, working on trying to be more consistent when I post. Life is busy. I quit my day job a few weeks ago. I am now trying to launch and NGO and figure out next steps. I'm moving Friday, so the apartment is an array of boxes and stacks.

Life is in transition. But I have to admit it's good.

It's good to be pursuing something I life. 

It's good to be able to look ahead and see fulfillment.

It's good to be downsizing and trying to live with less. 

It's good to be moving towards what I want. 

It's not easy. Nothing worth having is. But I am loving the process and what it is teaching me.

Hope to be posting more. As life settles and a routine develops, I am hoping to be able to post at least twice a week here.

Thanks for staying with me.

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