21 March, 2011

Brush Strokes...

Blossom-Time (c)Beverlie Maynard
I am going to write about another Beverlie today - my dear friend Beverlie Maynard.  

She was a guest at the ranch, a dear friend of my grandma Marion. There were three or four women, all my grandma's contemporaries, that made a deep impact on me.  They were this amazing group of  women who still speak into my life today. Only one of them is still alive, and she is still in my life. We write letters to each other. Something I am truly grateful for. 

Beverlie was an artist. I can never remember her riding when she came to the ranch. She often came with her friend Francine (another one of those women) and I think they came to hang out and get away as much as anything else. 

When she came, she would teach me to paint or draw. I think I have a painting I did with her somewhere. It was amazing to sit with her. Talk about generational impact. She did a photo of my mother when she was in high school or college, sitting in a green dress with white gloves in her hands, it is still one of my favorite images of my mother. 

She was the definition of grace, and support. We corresponded by letters for many years. Something else it would be incredible to have now. 

I guess it is hard to write a soliloquy for her. I know very little about her life, come to think of it, and yet, I am covered in her fingerprints. She taught me about grace, creativity, release, putting your heart out there, and creating something because it is in you. Maybe that is the legacy Beverlie left me: my artist was cultivated, tended and grown because of the artistic times she gave me while she stayed at the ranch. That and her  continued encouragement as I sought to travel the world and make sense of the scattered pieces of interest and passion God put in me. 

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