17 December, 2010


Shaun Groves wrote on being delighted

He says:  "God delights in you it says. What is delight?"

For him it is:

Rocking in grandmother’s lap with my eyes closed while she hummed “Love Lifted Me” up against my ear.

A grand piano in an empty room and nowhere else to be.

A four year-old in a tutu, hair in a bun, on tiptoes.

Delight: noun. a high degree of pleasure or enjoyment; joy; rapture (site).

Delight - joy, passion, peace, exuberance. I think of David dancing with joy, unashamed before the Ark. I think of a pure child's laugh. 

And that's what it is for me:

The innocent laugh of a child. 

The quiet of early morning, when the sun just crests the horizon and nothing has broken the silence of night

Rain on a tin roof in Rwanda. 

Dancing, movement, release - no matter how silly and unashamed it is. 

Meeting with a good friend, where there are no walls or masks, but freedom in the interaction, security to be who you are. 

Moments in life where peace and joy are the only things that matter. 

What brings you delight? 

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