15 October, 2010


There were two pictures I saw today that really struck me.

The first is from Simply Breakfast

I love the colors. The different browns in the image - from the table, to the coffee, the doughnut and the plate. But it was the photo that really caught my attention. I want to be there, and wish it wasn't so over-exposed. I think there is something intimate or meaningful in the image. Something that makes it important to whomever had teared that bit off their meal. 

The second is from one of my favorite site: Bookshelf Porn


There is playful about it. Makes you wonder who is behind the book, but also, how the finger is placed, could easily be a Marilyn moment. 

I am proud to be a photographer - proud to use a medium that allows so much emotion to be revealed in a moment. I love photos because the capture a moment, tells you everything, and yet, is open to interpretation. I hope to teach a creative writing class someday and would put either of these photos up and let students write a scene around it. Same with Hopper's work.

One of my favorites is Room in New York.

Again - you can look at that scene and see so many things. It's clear and yet vague, tells you everything and nothing. It's a moment and yet you want to know more. 

I am sorry for the sporadic postings. I am trying to figure out what this blog is. I don't know if thoughts on life is enough of a vision. There are a lot of things that strike me. I have been deeply affected by the videos I've seen around from celebrities speaking out against teen suicide from bullying (especially in the GLBTQ community). It strikes a cord in me as a girl who was deeply bullied/harassed/abused in middle and high school.  

I have a lot going on personally. I want to do things with my photos and share those. I am getting excited for grad school (praying I get into the MFA program I applied to!), and then there are just thoughts on life. 

I am off to DC next week, the city I love and still consider home. I am reeling from the fact it has almost been a year since I left Rwanda - still trying to process my time there and wondering what's to come out of it. I need a creative outlet, but the writing has dried up and so am trying to be more crafty and starting to cook more... 

Maybe I am too disorganized at the moment (a sign of being over-stressed) to be disciplined to write here everyday. I feel this is very hodge podge and that bothers me. 

Anyway, enjoy the photos and I will seek to figure out what to do here. I love this blog, but feel it is lacking something. Take care dear friends. I hope to become a more consistent blogger again soon! 

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