27 October, 2010

Filling a Need

How often do we wait for someone else to fill a need we could?

At prayer time today there was a prayer for someone to come into a girl's life to show her encouragement and to pour into her as she serves and pours into others.

I thought - why do we just do that?

Why do we ask God to send someone to intervene in a life or situation when we could? Why do we ask God to provide food to the homeless man when we could go buy it ourselves?

I don't ask this to say we should take the place of God. But I often wonder if when we pray, "Lord send someone to do ______," if He isn't up in heaven being like, "Yeah! Go do it! I am sending someone... You!"

I came to the same conclusion in Cambodia a couple years ago. We can (and should) pray for God's justice to move, but chances are if you are aware of a situation, and it has stirred something in you, then God probably wants YOU to move in it.  

Prayer is step number one
Action is step number two

What's going on around you that you could move into and help? 

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