29 September, 2010

"The rest will always be there..."

"The world can seem crazy. Days can feel complicated. Relationships, family, love can be so tricky. In one instant I am reminded how simple it all can be too. Slow down. Hold someone’s hand. Walk. Look around. Leave expectations at home and just enjoy the view, the beauty, the company. No words. Just silence, seeing and being. The rest will always be there." (Remodeling This Life)

This quote really struck me the other day. 

Life can be tricky - especially when you struggle where you are, when home is not familiar, when things hurt and what should be relief is hollow. You can have stillness in the storm and yet feel beat up and broken. Love is hard - love of family, of another, of someone gone, of ideas left unfulfilled. 

And yet - in a moment. One instant - it can be sweet again. 

A walk with a friend. A drive to the aspens. A moment to just sit and be. Early morning coffee. Mid-day margaritas. An evening with three crazy, silly, little girls who help put it all in perspective. 

Some days it is one day at a time. But those days can be lovely and good and worthwhile, IF you let them. 

There is so much I want to say - so much I want to articulate, and yet, don't know if it is wise to do so here, now. 

But, let me say -  things are breaking, things are being called into question and tested and refined. And new things are being built up. It's hard, lonely, long but in the end - good. 

And I feel very, very blessed right now to have a few people around me who pull me from the chaos and help me see and enjoy the stillness and find rest. Thank you friends. 

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