15 August, 2010

Fireflies and Songs

My mommy (she really is wonderful!) bought my this CD yesterday. I adore Sara Groves. I think she is one of the most vital and real artists of our time. Her music is so rich and real, whether she is crying out in lament, digging within herself to be more, or worshipping to God - you know that each and every song she sings is honest, real, from her core, and comes from a genuine, committed walk with God. 

I am already in love with this album. Unlike her others - which have songs you can sing with and are in themselves deep chords of worship - I feel this one is more of her confessions, more reflective of a time when things weren't going right. The songs are quieter, more reflective, somber, honest. The lyrics are about times of unrest with her husband, of struggling, and yet, coming back to a place of peace amidst the uncertainty. 

When you listen to a Sara Groves CD you are entering into her journey. It's almost like being able to listen to her journal. It seems like a deep, intimate conversation with a dear friend. 

It is a powerful album. She is one of the few artists I would pay to see in concert. I feel like a lot of my walk can be defined by Sara Groves songs (along with JJ Heller and Bebo Norman). I can't tell you the number of days I would sit in Rwanda and just put a Sara Groves song on repeat (When the Saints) or the times I would sit on the Metro in DC with Add to the Beauty blaring on my iPod as I struggled to get into a right place with the restlessness in my heart. 

I have cried, celebrated, prayed, and sat quietly with Sara. She is a constant, real friend who I have never met but has changed me. 

Here is part of Like a Lake - inspired by Lake Kivu and the people of Rwanda - it is already resonating in my soul:

When everything in me is tightening, curling in around this ache, I will lay my heart wide open like the surface of a lake, wide open like a lake. 

Standing at this waters edge, looking in at God's own heart. I've no idea where to begin, to swallow up the way things are. 

Everything in me is drawing in, closing in around this pain. I will lay my heart wide open, like the surface of a lake, wide open like a lake... 

(Some) of My Favorite Sara Groves Songs:
1. Add to the Beauty
2. What I Thought I Wanted
3. Conversations 
4. When it Was Over
5. It Might Be Hope
6. Jeremiah

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