03 July, 2010

Advice of the Day

Reprinted from The Bayesian Heresy...

Advice of the Day:
Be grateful. Yes, I often hear from people that they are tired of being admonished to be grateful. It’s no wonder there is a sort of societal “gratitude fatigue” given how much press this concept have received in self-help literature over the past ten years or so. However, there’s a good reason why this advice persists not just from modern authors, but also from the earliest philosophers and religious writers. It works. Gratitude for what one has in their life is a critical part of contentment. Without gratitude, contentment will always be elusive. The results of the first major study on the efficacy of gratitude for cultivating contentment and happiness is presented in a recent book, Thanks! How Practicing Gratitude Can Make You Happier, by Robert A. Emmons. He is a big proponent of gratitude journaling, recommending that writing out a few items for which we’re grateful every day will help instill a “grateful heart” and contribute to us “loving what we have.”

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Gratitude. Changing how we see things. I have been talking to someone a lot about changing the lens under which we see the world. And that how we think/what we think about - goes a long way into how we see things, how we react, our general attitude.

I read somewhere to write down three things a day you are grateful for. They can be small or "silly" or big things. Just three things for that today.

1. My apartment (I love it here!)
2. Living so close to my cousin.
3. Good coffee ready when I get up in the morning.

What are you grateful for today?

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