14 May, 2010

Life here in CO

So one thing I am pondering right now is grad school - specifically an MFA in Creative Writing. I am a writer, and have, at this point, 3.5 books under my belt. Now what will happen to these great American novels is yet to be determined, but they are there. I am trying to find a writing mentor at the moment, so if you have an ideas please let me know. 

I am looking into low residency programs, I am not looking to sit in a classroom again and all that, but I want to be mentored and have my craft developed. 

One of things I am getting plugged into is Via Affirmativa. It is an arts community that is run through the Navigators. They have a conference in August that looks amazing - and I'm going to that. It will be good to be with other artists for a while and talk about our craft of creativity. 

Adjusting to being back in CO is interesting. I am still searching for a church... Someone said that once you live overseas getting reconnected to the American church can be difficult. The thing is - I realized before I went that the African church is just as flawed - and all churches are because they are made up of people in need of grace - still! So I don't think that trying to adjust to this flawed organization is my problem. I had a really good church in DC and found a really good group of believers in Rwanda in the English service at church. I don't know what the problem is. There is an AMIA church in town and I go and feel nothing. I keep saying I need to get into a small group, and I do, but I don't know... The idea of putting down roots in CO scares me. But I need to. I need fellowship and community and people to care about, we all do. But it's almost impossible for me to motivate myself to go.

How that relates to an MFA I don't know, but I am just writing what is going on without editing. 

Things are changing, maybe for the better. I realized again that I need to approach living at home in the same way I would approach living in any other new city - I can't take for granted that I "grew-up here" (though, did I?) I have to go out and meet people, find new places to hang out, get connected. I need to volunteer and stop assuming the city is the same place I hated seven years ago. It's changed, I've changed, and there are niches here that I can fit into. I am here for the foreseeable future - just signed a one year lease on an apartment, so at least that long - and I can't do it alone. 

We are made for fellowship, we are made for community, to commune with others. 

I will keep you posted on what happens. 

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