21 April, 2010


I realized last night that I hate crunchy things. I hate croutons and Parmesan encrusted pine nuts. My dad doesn't like things to be lukewarm. My mom hates things that are too hot. I HATE THINGS THAT ARE HARD. 

Oh this might end up being a really random, some what superficial post - forgive me. 

Sitting at a Chick-a-Fil with my cousin, taking advantage of free lemonade. Waiting for lunch to digest so I can get some coffee and cheesecake (so good!). We're both working - she is writing a newsletter and doing website stuff, I am putting off writing a newsletter for my boss and writing here instead. 

I finally tackled my emails the other day - moved things into folders, printed out articles I had been saving, and created a tab in gmail called "Answer Me!!!." Someday when I am feeling really ambitious I will actually answer emails dating back to July (sorry!) and stop being such a bad communicator. 

Last week I picked up a book about the communication between FRD and Eleanor Roosevelt. I realized that we will never have that anymore because no one writes letters. April is Write a Letter month. I know email is easy and allows us instant communication - but how nice it is to get a letter, to open it and hold the paper. That's one reason I will never get a Kindle (or book reader on iPad), I love the feeling of paper, the smell of it, how it sounds, turning the page... It's amazing - and there is something basic and, if possible, safe to me. 

One blog I read posted an idea about a traveling office. Maybe I should start this. I realized that the life of a writer is being prepared - but being a writer doesn't mean novels, it can be blogs or letters or scribbles on a 3x5 card - just write something.

One book I read recently said 'just keep writing' and I am trying to remember that. Just keep writing... One word after another. You might delete it all tomorrow, but just get it down. 

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