27 August, 2009


Last time we talked about make believe and fairy tales. I got to thinking about it more. Tolkien wrote one of the greatest fairy tales of all time and it has survived for 50+ years, crossed cultures, spun movies and rip offs. He was intelligent, practical, lived in London during turbulent times and saw the world head on. Yet his story continues – because he understood The Storyteller. Or Lewis – how can the same man who wrote Screwtape Letters write Narnia? Because one cannot exist without the other. We cannot have Wormwood without Aslan. We cannot have bad without good.

Science and adulthood want to suck the good out of life. They deduce everything down to atoms and tells us "look how small we are." Yet they can't explain laughter or joy or love. It goes back to the problem of pleasure, and science has no answer for that.  And, yep, we are small – so believe in something big and He is very big indeed!

He holds the universe in His hand, created it all in seven days. He loves me personally and sent His son so I could sit with Him again.

This God of Love is not logical or reasonable. But look what those things have done to our world – bred corruption, greed, war, oppression, the degradation of women, rape, pride, murder, adultery!

But God stands above and calls us to truth, righteousness, nobility, purity, lovely-ness, excellence, praise, to be admirable.

He says to pursue goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love. Only with those things can we stand against the "reason" of this world.

Gods calls us to make believe, child like innocence and joy because only by not hardening our hearts or prostrating ourselves to the gods of knowledge, power or fame can we achieve what He has called us to and find Him in the dark, whistling on, leading us to another dawn.

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