15 July, 2009

So there's one muzungu on a bus...

I have made it to Nyagatare. The bus ride was, um, a bit of an
adventure I will write more about later.

Throughout the day all I've been thinking is that God will not give us
more than we can handle. We went to a resettlement camp yesterday
(more on that later - so much to blog about!) and as we drove past
these villages, almost on the Tanzania border, these kids would come
out and chase the bus with pure joy at seeing a bunch of white people.
At one point I had the thought - I am supposed to have faith like
this. Faith like a child, though it's uncertain and I am not in my
element and I am oddity - I am to have faith and approach the time
like those kids ran to the bus - with joy and expectation.

My first few hours here were filled with apprehension. It is finally
settling in what I signed up for. But I called my family, took a nap,
read my Bible and now know that He is in this with me. There will be
more tears, more "I want to go home," more "what did I get myself
into?" but behind all that is peace - and that peace is what I will
cling to and hope to carry me through.

There is wisdom in going 2x2 - so if you think of it pray for a friend
for me here. Someone I can connect with. Also, for health - I am sick
most times after I eat and, well, let's just leave it at that. And
boldness to adjust and then make a plan to move in a country that
moves very slowly.

But I am well. I have pictures to post, stories to share, memories to
write down. I spent most of the last week at the guest house enjoying
the other people there and got pulled into some interesing, unexpected
journeys in the process.

I miss you all. Don't forget me here in the 1,000 hills. I have
definitely not forgotten you.

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