02 July, 2009

in these final hours...

So with less than 12 hours to go before I leave for Rwanda I am doing something really fun...

... reading wedding blogs.

No! I am not getting married. But recently my new obsession is wedding photography blogs. I love them. I have my own category in Google Reader just for these blogs.

Now hear me out. The best advice I've heard for aspiring writers is: read. So why not study other photographers if you want to get better? That's all I'm saying.

I take good landscape and the occasional candid shot - but I am oh not so good at the sitting, "staged" sessions - yet! I have taken one set of engagement photos and they turned out a few steps above mediocre. I realize some of it is the photographer and some of it is the subjects comfortableness in front of a camera. But I believe that a good photographer can take care of the latter.

So, we'll see. I have thought about starting to sell my photographs. But where? How? Would anyone buy them?

I don't think I am art show material, nor do I want to sit all day at a craft show and talk to random people. But maybe that's what you do.

Who knows. Nothing to be decided tonight. But I will say, and I think this theme will be developed over my time in Rwanda, that I think we are supposed to do whatever He made us to do. And if we are doing that then our needs will be met. So if I was made to use my photography to show others the world and increase their awareness of it - and if I trust that God will provide for me using that, and if all of that is done with a lot of prayer, humility and I am sure it is His will, then I truly do believe that I could make a living with my art.

But that's the rub - our culture says that being an artist, a writer, a photographer, a film maker, etc. isn't enough. It's not successful (until, well, it's really successful) just look at all the struggling actors, etc. out there. But what is success? Is it making $1,000,000 in sales? Or is it opening up one person's eyes to girls in India, or making one person smile at a picture of her daughter, or providing someone the only picture she'll ever have of her son?

What is success? Using what I can do well for my benefit and increased pocketbook or using it to glorify Him and magnify His creation?

And just think, all of this started with wedding blogs.

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