19 May, 2009

Injustice at its core

Last fall the world was shocked and saddened by the violence against Christians in Orissa after the murder of a local Hindu leader. One of the worse acts was the gang rape of a nun who was then forced to walk around naked. All of this because the murder was initially blamed on Christians (but later found out to be carried out by another group).


It's vile to me that someone could rape a nun. It's vile to me that someone could rape anyone – much less someone who has given their life to serving God and the poor, there are just some people who really should be immune to violence.


Any woman who has been a victim of rape deserves to see the perpetrators brought to justice.  Regardless of the religious leanings of a country or who committed the act or how many times it happens – rape must not be tolerated or excused ever.


And yet it is being. Witnesses in the nun's case are backing down, and changing their stories after being threatened. The cowards who raped her nine months ago are too cowardly to be held accountable. One injustice breeds more injustice.


How many women in this world suffer rape silently? How many suffer abuse or neglect and exist in sub-human standards? How many men get away with violating a woman because they are powerful, well connected, or the crime is downplayed in their culture?


Where is the international Christian community crying out against this? Regardless of whether you are a Protestant or Catholic, as the Church we must decry this and say it's unacceptable for the system in Orissa to turn a blind eye to the continued injustice against this woman. Or for the religious majority, which was later found complicit in fueling the violence, not to be held accountable for their religious persecution.


Doesn't this make you angry? Doesn't this make your heart break?



So what are you going to do about it?

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