10 April, 2009

What's Coming

I will start this post with some poignant lyrics from one of my favorite songs, Albertine, by Brooks Fraser.

"And I am on a plane,  across a distant sea, but I carry you in me. In the dust on... the dust on... the dust on... the dust on....my feet Rwanda. Now that I have seen, I am responsible. Faith without deeds is dead. Now that I have held you in my own arms I cannot let go till you are..."

In July I am going to Rwanda.

I am more than psyched. I gave work notice yesterday. It hasn't sunk in, or didn't until I went to bed last night and realized I won't have a job in two months. My return date is unclear as I have no idea how the land of 1,000 hills will strike me. But I go with nothing on the other side, and so, willing to go and serve and live until He says it's time to come home. 

I am humbly walking into Rwanda to be taught how to love God and love people. I have nothing to give them and so much to gain. As I have wrestled with God over the timing of going (I have learned patience through this process) I have come to realize that He has been preparing me to receive what the women and the Church in Rwanda have to teach.  I will also be working on an education project our church is starting and learning about the peace and reconciliation (transitional justice) work that is being done in the country.

My hopes in going and in blogging about my time there is to help people see the beauty of Rwanda and its people beyond what happened 15 years ago. And while I take a moment today to remember the horror that played out before a silent world, I know that there is more to someone's story than their tragedy and that we need to be respectful and mindful that as people, we are more than the worse event in our lives.

I go to sit in their joy, share in their lives, and take of the body and blood with my brothers and sisters. I am expectant and hopeful in the amazing work He is planning for this time.

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