24 April, 2009

Pregnant Woman Chased by Bear...

...And then struck by a car!

According The Guardian, 26 Ashley Swendsen was hit by a car as she was fleeing from a black bear.

And where did this happen? Alaska? Canada? Somewhere in Europe?


Colorado Springs, CO

The driver left before police arrived, but Ashley was able to identify the black bear who was later euthanised. And how was she able to identify said bear? Did it have distinguishing marks? Was its growl familiar? Did it act agitated as she identified it in a line-up of other black bears? Or, was it simply in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Sorry, but it's Friday afternoon, and well, this is strange news that somehow fits from my hometown. Though that does remind me of a time I was awakened by a black bear eating sugar in our kitchen. It was a baby bear, but mama bear might have been close... It felt out the window when I opened my door... Lesson to be learned: don't cook a cake in your home in the woods and then leave the window open!

Oh well, you gotta love news from your hometown!

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