17 April, 2009

All My Hopes...

Startling revelations when one surrenders…



…at the core, that is the issue – I am trying to take my value from my church or friendships or my family – when it can only come from You. And when I trust/surrender/let go enough for You to take over and define me then all my other pain and questions will be inconsequential because I will have my rest in You.


How do I get there?


All my frustrations with work & people & my fears of failure or disappointments or loneliness, all my unfulfilled dreams and plans – I lay before you, knowing the idea You have, the vision, the love, will only make me better, more like you and focused on Your kingdom.



How do I trust You outside this quiet reassurance? Is that the cause of my distress and discontent? Have I been fighting You like a temper tantrum-ing infant?






to Your will, Your good, Your authority, Your love


to You


(journal entry 4/16)

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