02 December, 2008


Why do people hate each other?

What was ever gained from violence and strife? Who gets hurt in revenge but the innocent.
In retaliation one wants to send a message so they go after the vulnerable - the women,
children, and the foreigner. Terrorism is cowardice. What did they ever do to you?

Again I ask what has violence brought except more violence. You steal control where it is not
yours to take. You lash out on people as powerless as you to do anything to change what you hate.
Why? Why?

Violence begets violence, breeds closed-minds, pride and anger. Instead of understanding we
camp out in "us" and "them" and let our wounded pride sulk.

When will we learn?

When will the attacked and powerless have their say, their day. When will their cries of "Enough"
be heard around the world, respected and carried like a battle cry by those who realize nothing
can be accomplished thru the end of a gun.

Let us stand together to start something new. I am not the cliche you think of me and I am sure
you are more than what I know.

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