14 September, 2008

Flying to Cambodia

What to Read on a 28-Hour Plane Trip?

Here are Marginal Revolution's suggestions and Chris Blattman's list. I am trying to determine what to take with me to Cambodia. It takes 20-somewhat hours to get there - and I can't sleep on planes (though drugging myself is becoming a more realistic option), so I am probably going to read.

I thought about taking Les Miserables or The Fountainhead two long novels I realize but I think taking one long novel might be better than a couple smaller ones. Though, smaller ones might give me more options... Maybe I should get a Kindle - though I like books, I like the feel of books and the weight, marking pages, dog-earring them. There is a sense of completion in turning the last page. Plus, I've heard the Kindle is awkward to hold and use, but oh the possibilities when you have 40+ hours of flying ahead of you.

Any suggestions?

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