03 February, 2008


So I have been told that recently I have not been posting enough about what's actually going on in my life. And part of that is because there isn't a lot going on. I have fallen into a regular (and enjoyable) routine of work, hanging out with friends, and being at home. Nothing too exciting.

Work is going really, really well. My boss leaves this week for a three week trip to Cambodia and Indonesia to check in with our partners over there and see what is going on "on the ground." That means it will be really quiet at work for me until he gets back - but I am acquiring a lot of projects to "keep me busy" (we'll see how that goes).

I had my three month review the other day (two weeks shy of the actual date). It's hard to believe I changed jobs three months ago - crazy! The review went well, no major hiccups to speak of. He encouraged me in my goals to develop my understanding of leadership and the areas we work in, and told me I could attend some trainings about anti-trafficking. I had suggested going to an aftercare center to see how aftercare is done, he told me I could go to a training across the street - so, we compromised :-).

It's official - I am a member of my church. I signed the membership covenant last week - so that's really fun. I've never been a member anywhere before, and while my church does not place a premium on membership (they encourage it, but you can serve without being one, though I think eventually they would ask why you are serving and not a member), I wanted to commit myself to Rez, it's somewhere I agree with and enjoy and feel actually has its head on straight and priorities in check.

Boston here I come! I am going to Boston over President's Day weekend, if anyone has anything they want from the city (no Red Sox materials - please!) let me know and I will try to bring it back.

So there is a brief update. I have now thought of other snippets I could give you from DC, but, we'll save those for another time...

until next time.

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