27 December, 2007


Quote: "Even Hitler didn't wake up going, 'let me do the most evil thing I can do today.' I think he woke up in the morning and using a twisted, backwards logic, he set out to do what he thought was 'good.' "

Media Interpretation: person be
lieved that Hitler was a "good" person.

"It is an awful and disgusting lie...It speaks to the dangerous power of an ignorant person with a pen. I am incensed and infuriated to have to respond to such ludicrous misinterpretation."

Point: Interesting point, though not said in the best way. I think what he (and he is Will Smith) was trying to get at was that people, in the midst of doing evil, don't admit/realize/recognize/plot to do so. Hitler wasn't this raving crazy person who sat in his office plotting evil ways to exterminate people like a crazy Mr. Evil. Sick, yes, methodical, maybe, but a raving loon like we've turned him into being, I don't think so.

"Evil" isn't evil like we see in the movies. We have become accustomed to associating evil with someone locked in a dark place, laughing madly, socially inept, and more importantly, socially unaccepted. But that's not the case, always. Someone who is evil or cruel or meticulous isn't always some reject sitting in their basement plotting how many different ways there are to hurt someone with a nail file.

I don't know under what context Mr. Smith said the comment above, but I do believe it was taken out of context, and at it's base I believe he might be correct...

Next item in the Amanda news update:

A few months ago a group of French aid workers were arrested in Chad attempting to take over a hundred children out of the country. The workers work for Zoe's Ark, an international aid organization in France. The group claimed the children were orphans from Darfur.

It turns out when the UN spoke with the children that most a) mentioned a blood relative (father, uncle, sister, grandmother, etc). and b) said they were from Chad not Darfur (the Sudan). Furthermore, if (and it's a BIG if) these kids are orphans, why was Zoe's Ark smuggling the out of the country, out of Chad? Why were they not working with the Sudan government to legally remove these kids?

So, Chad held the staff and the air staff and others who worked with the aid workers. Most of those not directly associated with Zoe's Ark were released. The aid workers were found guilty by a Chadian court and sentenced to 8 years in a labor camp. The group staged a hunger strike, claiming they were not getting a fair trail in Chad and that no one in France cared about them anymore.

No, I think it's called paying the piper or suffering the consequences of your decisions!

According to a BBC article, "The aid workers have insisted they were trying to evacuate orphans from Darfur. However, most of the children were found to be from Chad...and had parents who were still alive... The six French nationals were found guilty of the 'attempted kidnap of children, breaching their civil rights" ... It also found the group guilty of "absconding without payment" of bills accrued in their attempt to fly the children out of eastern Chad town of Abeche." (news.BBC.co.uk, 27 Dec. 2007)

So essentially these people are guilty of kidnapping, and thought they a) would not get caught or b) would not have to suffer the consequences because their French citizens. So, they pulled kids from their families and sold (yes sold!) them to families in France who may or may not have known where their child actually came from.

International adoptions are okay (though not the best first option). Unfortunately, they have turned into sick money making markets. People (most well-intentioned) think they're getting an orphan from Darfur or India or Guatamela. In reality either their parents exist and the child was stolen, or, as happens in India, girls are kidnapped from rural villages, taken to the city, raped until impregnated, isolated until they give birth, then turned out or killed.

Essentially you don't know, and further more, no one cares. And rich people are trying to satisfy their echoes by buying some kid off of zoe's ark.com never caring where they really came from!

International adoption is NOT the answer. It's not! Try rural development, education, etc. don't remove kids from their homes and take an entire generation from their homeland. I'm not saying it's never okay, but it shouldn't be the first idea, and it should not be done ignorant or lazily.

These aid works should have to work eight years - for every child they kidnapped. Every child who went through Zoe's Ark should be spoken with and IF they were kidnapped the adoptive parents should have to return the kids to their parents personally! They are just as responsible by not doing their homework or asking enough questions. If the workers are transfered to France they should be re-tried and their sentence added to the one Chad gave.

I don't think they should be sent back to France to serve their sentence. They went into Chad and ruined countless people lives! They were greedy, cruel & selfish enough to exploit families in Chad, so they can take responsibility in Chad. I wish the French president would say no, they can't come back, and that he thinks justice has been served in this case.

But that won't happen. The aid workers will be sent back to France, pardoned, and, chances are, within weeks will be stealing children from Honduras or DR.

And human worth goes down another level.

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