08 December, 2007


I watched this movie this morning, it's all about the production of stuff and what truly goes into it. It's an interesting film, check it out: http://www.storyofstuff.com/.

The whole idea around what Christmas has become saddens me. Dan spoke to it Sunday, the idea that some perfect object (or relationship) will provide for us the ultimate peace we so crave.

It never does.

And he spoke to it for those who don't have a relationship with Christ. It's sad because I think that applies more to those who do. And it goes back to our sinful way of dealing with things... I've been thinking about this a lot, how sin, our thoughts, words, deeds (or lack their off) impede our relationship with Christ. How our mediocrity, our just get through the day mentality, our busyness, pulls us further from Him. And legitimately we are a busy people, but I'm a fan of that adage that says you make time for what you want to.

Now, for some, the idea of "quiet time" is daunting and a turn off. We think of sitting in the corner, quietly, meditating and saying great words onto God. We think of something rigid and structured and time consuming (let's be honest) when that's not what it is! It's taking time driving, walking, riding the bus to stop and acknowledge God. It's turning off the i-pod, the tv, putting down the book and letting Him speak. It's realizing that we are making the decision to intentionally ignore Him and as long as that's the case we will continue to be unhappy. (I think it's even worse when we can't recognize this unhappiness within ourselves, but that's another post...)

So we drink, we shop, we buy coffee, we bury our lives in people (or a person), and hope that will make the nagging stop, will make us happy. Oh that pair of shoes, or maybe this book... We give into the lies that we need things (starbucks, ipods, ugg boots, etc.) and never ask if we really do or why we have to have something new
every 2 weeks to be content. So we buy, we rack up debt, we push God aside again and again and never stop to ask why.

Don't care about the world or pray for women in DRC, gossip about Gray's Anatomy because that's easier then accepting the call to defend the cause of the widow. "Defending the cause" doesn't mean picketing or going to DRC or only buying organic coffee just because it's trendy... It means taking two minutes to read an article and become EDUCATED about an issue, and then telling someone else about that issue. It's about not buying something because not buying it will actually affect someone for the better, not because Brad Pitt tells you not to. It means, maybe yes, giving money to an organization to help them fight the cause.

Instead we buy stuff we don't need and hope that will fill us. Well it won't and neither will your husband, best friend, or child (sorry to be harsh). The people in our lives can show us God in real and radical ways, but they cannot become or replace him.

But, anyway, the movie is interesting and you should watch it. My commentary on it was a rabbit trail that started with the merging of images over the weekend :-)

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