08 November, 2007

Some fun news to report. I got a new job, a different job then the one I currently hold. It's with a new company: World Hope International (http://worldhope.org/). I am going to be the executive assistant to the COO and CFO.

The whole thing came about unexpectedly, and I feel really blessed by the whole thing. It all came together in 10 days! Orginally, things didn't happen like I wanted them to, and I didn't understand, but I knew things would work out. Even after I didn't get the job I really wanted, I was sad but it passed. And I was content here at IIE, really content. It's weird, I had this same contentment working at Borders last year days before I got Cari's e-mail and was able to sublease my apartment. He works in strange, wonderful, mysterious ways that leave me captivated and speechless. I wish I knew how to contain the peace that seems to preclude His blessings and dwell in it.

Is it bad that I've been listening to Christmas music for the past two days? It's calming in a lot of ways. I don't know. Thanksgiving is two weeks from today - can you believe it? I can't. I won't be home for Thanksgiving, but that's okay, I get to celebrate with my "family" here. Life takes unexpected twists when we least realize it, and if we're intentional we can see the fingerprints of God written all over them.

well back to work.

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