27 October, 2007

Birthday Thoughts

In the last year:

My niece was born
One of my best friends got married
I moved to DC
I worked at Borders
My sister came to see me
I discovered who I was
I sat on my big bed with Rachel until 2am and learned to leave everything outside the door
I painted and ate fondue with good friends
I sold my car :-(
I got a real job
I found a church I love
I finished a story, and immediately started rewriting it
I became okay with what I want to do with my life
I got to see my Big Bro
I went to Philly, NYC, and the beach
I took a pottery class
I lived with someone who taught me how to love
I lost friends and got them back
I made new friends
I learned the value of being seen and relying on others
I moved four times
I escaped Denver
My parents celebrated 37 years
My best friend had a baby
I met people from all over the world, literally

And now to another year, to being 24, to doing it single, and taking steps to get into the field I want to be in. To learning day in and day out what it means to be lost in Him and realizing that if I pull my eyes even for a moment, that is when I fall. To being loved and giving love, to becoming who I want to be, taking new challenges and holding tight to old friends!

To another year old, and a new set of possibilities!

Happy Birthday to Me!

(a few days late, but it still counts)

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