19 October, 2007

Do you ever wish people would just not talk? Or that you could tell someone to hush-up, that what they were saying was actually hurting their cause?

Case in point:

Friday some co-workers and I went to see Bella (amazing movie - GO SEE IT!!!)

Well I should have known that because this movie was being shown by a conservative think tank that something was attached...

The premise of the movie is that a waitress finds out she pregnant, and because of her morning sickness is late for work, and gets fired. On her way out she is followed by the chef who proceeds to spend the day with her as they discuss what she's going to do, and other thoughts on life. It's a simple movie, instead of a relying on action or sex or forces of fate, the movie spends a day with these two friends as they seek to answer the questions they have and discover more about each other. It's about relationships, and taking the time to get to know another human being. It's about basic love, friendship love, and opening up to another... A fantastic movie, probably top 10 for me. Seriously, see it. It comes out the 26th.

So, anyway, the movie finishes, lights come up, someone from said organization stands up and asks the producer (i think) to come up. The producer then proceeds to launch on a five minute stand about this movie is going to change lives, and how it's going to revolutionize the pro-life debate, and people are going to be saved because of this film and blab blab blab. He compares it to Narnia and Amazing Grace and starts talking about Christian film (like it's different than any other kind) and yeah... I wanted to tackle the guy, because that's not why I brought my friends to this movie, i just knew it was playing there - that's all. If I had known said assault was going to happen we would have slipped out when the credits started... Which we did because both of my friends became extremely uncomfortable.

This might be a good moment to mention that neither co-worker is a Christian, one is an atheist and actually hates Christians. So instead of being able to see Bella as a work of art (which it is) now it is Right-Wing, psycho Christian, pro-life propaganda.


Like I said, sometimes better if you don't say anything.

To learn more about the MOVIE Bella (not the overly jealous, non-productive movement attached) go to: www.bellathemovie.com

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