15 September, 2007

Update on life:

Back in DC after a week in Denver. Had a good time, I'm glad I went. I didn't get to see everyone I wanted too, but a good mixture of people. Beyond that, my nieces are cute, what can I say?

No news on the job. For those who don't know, I applied for this job at work in a different division that I would rock at and really,
really, really, REALLY want before I went to CO. At the time of the interview they thot they'd have a decision on the Friday after I got back (9/7), then they said this Friday. Then at 5:32pm this Friday they said Monday - ha! Well I can say ha now, but that definitely wasn't coming out of my mouth then. So....we wait, but the not knowing about this job has put everything else on hold.

There is a loft I would love (see post below) that I can't sign the lease for until I get the job.

I've sent out other cover letters and have some in queue - but don't want to have to send those out if it can be avoided

I can't buy my ticket to come home Oct. 7th for my cousin's wedding - and prices are skyrocketing!

And for those of who you know that I am a planner and an organizer you can imagine how annoyed and well twitchy I am.

So, hopefully Monday, or Tuesday or, you know, Oct. 1st, whatever I'll know and hopefully everything works out the best.

I am moving on Saturday to my friend's basement. This is the friend that owns the studio, so I would be with her until mid-Octobert (post wedding) b/c that is when the current tenant leaves. So I think I am getting a p.o. box for a month on Monday - if that makes any sense cause the bills have to come somewhere.

I don't know. I want to run out and apply at Borders and Starbucks and this cute toy store by my house - but what would that do? And is that somehow "not trusting" God? I really hope that works hasn't made me wait this long only to tell me I didn't get the job. That would, well, suck, and be very very not cool. But I have no clue.

Beyond that small group starts again on Wednesday (yay!)
and my pottery class with Bekah supposedly starts on Thursday (double yay!)
and I am seeing my mentor Monday hopefully (woo hoo!)
and then I am packing to move into a basement before the gray void takes over my life...
and Pupillo might come down and help me move (totally awesome...)

yeah, things are a bit crazy.

But that's my church above, isn't it pretty? And for the record, yes I did take that picture :-)

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