18 September, 2007

So I didn't get the job.

I admit, I cried.

I was their 2nd choice, I guess, the other person spoke Spanish - ha, as if you need that for projects to Costa Rica and the Galapagos Island - geez :-)

No, it's okay, really. I went back to work and forgot about it. Told the people I needed to, got overwhelmed by job listings and got through my day. I have an interview on Thursday and one on Monday - and hopefully one of those will pan out.

It's weird not to have something I really wanted, but knowing that things will be okay. I was talking to my mentor last night who told me it's taken some people close to 6 months to get a job in DC (thanks Amy!), but the idea of working at Borders, while not a long term goal, would be sort of be okay for right now. It would allow me to write, and give me time to pursue a career in the arena I want...

...Beyond that, I met with Pastor Dan today - all I have to do is sign the membership covenant and I am a member of Rez. Yay! It's weird to have a chruch home, I've never had that before. I think I might involved with the alter guild, or childcare. Yeah, I can chase 2 year olds once in a while :-) But it's good, he was really encouraging and is trying to connect me with someone he knows who does reconciliation/restitution stuff... And tomorrow night at my small group we're meeting with our Rwandian bishop - hopefully I can talk to him about going to serve there for a bit...

Things are coming together, now if I can just get paid for it...


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