30 August, 2007

So I'm in Denver - yay! and I'm sitting at ABC with Rachel. It's amazing how I feel like I never left Denver. I went to school to see some of the staff there and it's like I just walked into their office yesterday, not seven months ago. I feel like I am still a student, or still stuck in the rut of living in Denver. It's weird.

I don't like it. I doubt if I have accomplished anything since December, and yet I know I have done so much. I am not siting in Denver working at Starbucks saying my life is going to begin. I took the risk, moved away, got a real job and am the happiest I have been since leaving DC back in '05.

And yet this town, this place, makes me doubt all that and makes me question if I have done anything at all. It's an odd paradox, one that I am unsure how to reconcile.

Still, I get to see my chicky tomorrow, and that's pretty exciting.

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