06 August, 2007

go and listen to this


it is just so fitting right now.

A heart breaks into a million pieces, torn apart by people who were supposed to love and care for it....

...Injustice is not something that just occurs a thousand miles away. It happens every day in relationships, with family and friends. Small injustices occur and we just blink it away. We accept it and then act like nothing is wrong, or just ignore that sad ringing in our heart that tells us something has been lost.

It's okay, something inside says, they're family, and family is all that matters! Trust them, ignore every trespass, don't say anything, don't admit it sucks or that it's wrong. Just smile and grin and accepted their wretched pat on the back – because they're related!

Injustice: when you know something awful is happening and you expect someone else to come and stop it! It's not stopping an angry conversation, or a fight, or someone from taking something, or someone belittling someone else. It's not saying anything because it's taboo, or accepting the lie that it's not your place.

No! It is! You have to say something - even if it's not your place, you have to speak because if you don't...

It's one of the perpetual mysteries of my life, one I don't think I will ever be okay with, or understand. I cannot reconcile the joy of my childhood with the pain and tragedy it is now. And I just don’t understand how from something so good, evil can always win.

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