28 June, 2007

who knew a glass of cranberry juice could change everything?

I was drinking cranberry juice on Saturday night, and, just like I always do, I was sitting on our futon. I had my juice sitting on a book by my Mac for safe keeping. I stood up to get food and came back in to the living room when - gasp - tragedy! my cup of juice tipped all over my precious iBook.

I screamed - and turned my iBook over, watching a wave of cranberry juice flood onto the futon.

"Shoot" (or something like it) I screamed, running to the bathroom to get a towel to soak up the now puddle of cranberry juice that was sinking into the futon...

Which one do I protect - the laptop or the futon? I was frantic, turning the laptop over on the floor and working to strip the sheet on the futon.

I waited. Plugging the laptop in again (i had un-plugged it and taken out the battery after the spill) I pressed the power button. Nothing. I tried again, nothing! I went to bed, ideas of losing my years worth of writing or all 3,000 of my pictures made me sick. But what could I do? I told myself, and finally fell asleep.

The next morning I take my wounded laptop to the Mac store and wait for my name to get called. The man (very nice might I add) asks what's wrong.

-- "I spilled something on my laptop"
--"What was it"
--"Cranberry juice."
He undoes my keyboard and looks at the collection of chips and such technical things under it.
--"I fear a drop of juice got in here, it's fried."
To be sure he drains the remaining battery power and then plugs it in - nothing.

My laptop is dead.

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