12 April, 2007

So I’ve decided to post some of the interesting news I discover throughout the day as I peruse sites at work…

I know this is an older story. It’s from the Washington Post. 15 British soldiers were recently returned to England after being held in Iran for almost two weeks. Once getting home they started to sell their stories and only do paid interviews. Well, this offended some in England who felt the soldiers were using the media frenzy surrounding their capture to make a quick buck (go figure). The British government has sense banned the group from selling their stories.

I think my favorite line is the last sentence in this article…


The New York Times did a study on what we find attractive in other people. Titled “How Don’t I Love Thee?” this article shows the psychology of dating, and how men and women see each other and what their pickiness level is.


And finally (aren’t you glad I started this??) An “older” article from USA Today about Americans and our ignorance when it comes to religion. We know the clichés (or think we do) from the major religions in America. There is a quiz on the side I’d be interested to know how people did.


So read away to your hearts content! Some interesting thoughts for your Thursday morning.

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