05 April, 2007

hello everyone -

Happy Maundy Thursday to you. I don't know if you're supposed to say "Happy Maundy Thursday" to people - but I am going to - and you can't stop me!

So, Maundy Thursday - a new event to me. It's supposed to be a time to reflect on Jesus washing the disciples' feet. At church tonight we read Luke where He washes the feet and talked about the need for us to be servants, but also be willing to be served. Interesting thought when you let it follow through. Do I allow myself to be served by others? Do I allow others to do things for me, to pay me a complement? Or do I always want it to be about someone else?

The pastor brought up Peter (for the record I think it is way to easy to pick on Peter, and I completely disagree where the pastor went with it so we'll go my way) and how when Jesus tried to wash his feet Peter wanted to was Jesus' feet and then said "not just my feet but my body to" From my perception (and this is just me) I think Peter got Jesus was higher than a mere man and just like I don't like being focused on, neither did he. Who am I to let You wash my feet? No Lord, I am here for you, let me serve you. It was humbling (and uncomfortable) to have my feet washed tonight. It really was. And the paradigm shift in that room 2000 years ago - it's crazy. I think Peter wanted Jesus to bless him and pour over him. Yes, he was overeager - but he was the only one with enough faith to step. Peter got it, though he didn't realize it.

Tomorrow we have a Good Friday service. Some of us are going out after to, as I said earlier, "Drink away the sadness of His death." I don't mean to be disrespectful, I'm just in a feisty mood. I was just happy tonight and I don't know why. But I was really chatty (a rarity for me I know) and I just wanted someone to sit with an talk with and laugh with. But you are all very far away. So now I am hyper and alone. sad.

I love DC. It's reconfirmed. A friend and I went to look at the cherry blossoms today, so beautiful. It was really fun. I love getting to know new people. We met my roomie for dinner before going to church. It was fun. My small group is getting together for brunch on Sunday, I'm excited for that.

My sister comes in less than a month - woo hoo!

Life is good. He is faithful and great. I am humbled by the blessings He has given me, so exceedingly thankful for who He is. So incredibly humbled by what He has done for me...

Things are good.

...But I miss you...

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