07 March, 2007

So I awoke this morning to find it snowing outside (crazy!!). I don't remember snow being in the forecast, but being that the only time I hear the forecast is in the morning, trying to block out Al Roker (sp) on the Today Show - who makes me cringe - I might have missed something. That, and I've been pretty out of it in the morning - and, well, last time it snowed I was completely unaware of it coming because unlike Colorado they don't broadcast it for a week before, showing you the weather system as it comes in from Alaska, moves across Canada, and settles in Idaho before dumbing 18 inches on Denver, while leaving much of the ski slopes out of the fun...

So, yeah, DC doesn't track the precipitation coming off the Gulf, moving up Alabama as rain, getting to Tennessee and having a mid-storm crisis and becoming snow.

And, here's the other thing... DC doesn't get snow. Okay, it obviously does. But we get flurries. Something you wouldn't even notice in Denver, much less bundle up for. (And here, no one would notice but it's bitter flurries with the mid-Atlantic kick! So you bundle up and run!) Here "snow" will hit Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia. They'll show a map on TV and there will be a nice spot of clear sky right over DC with everything else getting inches enough to close their cities. But we're clear, and all the people who live in VA and commute in every morning (suckers) get to send an extra hour trapped on the orange line because people who do not ride the metro in everyday (and people who do) are idiots who cause the doors to break and delay the trains (to quote my boss this morning) not realizing there is another train (probably mostly empty) coming in one minute after that they could ride in on in perfect comfort. Oh, no, it's much for fun to be a sardine, wouldn't you agree?

That's why I love the red line

And I love living in the District.

So, yes, there was snow. And I walked home from work with my tongue out trying to catch flakes on it - and everyone thought I was royally silly and looked at me funny. But I didn't care. If I could (oh I wish this actually happened!!!) I would have busted into song and had perfect strangers dance with me singing about, um, snow, or not being at work, or DC, or whatever cheesy topic you could write a musical number about (so... anything) before going through the crosswalk and getting on the train.

it's true.

things are good.

Lent is kicking my butt, but if it brings me closer to Him bring it on! (have you heard that song by SCC? It's amazing! I used to blast it in my car when I was having a bad day - because it basically tells satan to bring it because the harder he pushes the closer he pushed me to God - so, yeah, bring it on!) But it's weird trying to fight the exhaustion that has settled on me starting at like 9pm. I was praying the other night and fell asleep - bam! out like a light! And I can't focus on anything for more that a moment. So I go to read a verse and forget what the first line said.

It's interesting.

I have basically come to realize I have no money, and therefore don't have anything to spend. So he can sap my energy, my attention, make me forget what I just said - or, and here's the weird thing... So I'm feeling pretty good at work, having a good day, not too bored - it's great and I had four conversations that went something like this:
co-worker eyeing me oddly: Are you okay?
me, confused: Yeah...Why?
cw: You looked... Um... Stressed? (tired/out of it/dazed - pick one)
me: Nope, I'm good.
cw: Really?
me: Yeah.

So, who knows. But thank you for your prayers. At church on Sunday they talked about idolatry, and once I can focus on it long enough to process it I'll put my thoughts down. But for now, all this is to say:

I woke up to snow this morning!

If you look - there are flurries!

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