04 February, 2007

I'm watching the Super Bowl (go COLTS!).

My roommate and I just got back from church. It's the first time I've been in, oh my goodness, over a year. WOW, that's sad. It was a liturgical (sp) church. I've never been to one, so it was a bit odd to stand, sit, and recite words on a page. But there was some truth in what was being said, and it was almost what I could never articulate was what I was saying...

...It hit me hard. We took communion, and I cried. We were singing "For you are good, for you are good, for you are good to me.." (i love that song!!!) and it just made me realize how far I am from Him, and how vital He is to my sanity and stability and strength.

I've forsake my Love for busyness. I've betrayed my Beloved for a city I love.

The pastor was talking about whether we choose to go to the green zone - a place of comfort, luxury, easyness - or the brown zone - where the distactions (luxuries) are less - but we are closer to Him. He seemed to say DC was a brown zone, we don't have a lot of luxuries here. Things are more expensive, and we don't make enough - so we have to rely on Him. But I think in DC we give up time with Him for a 65 hour workweek, for over-commitment and a lack of real relationships.

I don't know.

I am just so hungry and desperate for my King that a brush of His hand on my face makes me cry.

i long to be near Him. To feel His heart, to sense His presence...

...I am desperate for YOU.

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