27 February, 2007

For Lent I gave up spending money…

…No, that’s not true. Well, not entirely.

I was convicted that Lent needed to be more than giving up food, or a TV show (or the computer, my phone, etc.), just to see if I could – which is how the majority of Christians I know how celebrate Lent celebrate it. Lent is not a 40 day fast from coffee just to prove you can do it. How does giving up coffee bring you closer to God? It doesn’t, hmmmmmm….

So, finances!

I am asking God to help me set a budget that pleases him. I’ve realized I spend money foolishly and tend to spend a lot of things that just slip away. And spending money is my way of dealing with the crap in my life (or dealing with the void of God because I never talk to Him) instead of going to Him.

So, we’re trying it. I’m not buying lunch at work, or coffee (gasp! It’s true!) until after Easter. I looked at my finances and have made a budget I’m praying over.

I’m crazy.

I’m exhausted.

It’s amazing, almost as soon as I dedicated myself to this satan attacked and hasn’t let up. I so weary and dead – but I know this is important and needs to be done.

If you think of it, pray for me. It’s going to be an interesting 40 days.

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