26 January, 2007

So, you have a job you want - a job you're interviewed for, and would be perfect for - but now you have to wait days for them to make a decision all the while going to another job you can muster no happiness for.


On a side note, I went to open a bank account today and started talking to the man and he told me if I gave him my resume he'd forward it onto one of "big clients" who works for an international NGO.


DC is great. I've been crashing in my apt. for the last few days. It's been good. It's the break I never got after graduation, or after leaving Borders. It's the break I needed to be a lazy and think.

An old friend and I are getting together tomorrow. I’m excited to see her, thankful I have friends out here already – that I’m not starting from scratch totally…

Not a lot to report. Just another lazy cold day in the Capitol.


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