15 October, 2006

home in Denver. My roomie is gone until tomorrow, a weekend of silence is just what I needed.

Thursday I saw an old friend. And, well, it encouraged me A LOT. She's in her early thirties now and didn't get married until very recently, but she was faithful, and didn't settle - and now she's been blessed abundently. It's amazing! It gave me hope. We were talking, and I have some friends with some really hard marriages - and that scares me, because - okay sometimes the people walk into bad situations - but my friends didn't. They got married to what they thought were good people - and with some I had reservations, some not so much (actually that's a lie - I had reservations about most of them) and now they're in marriages that seem impossible for whatever reason... Then I have an entire group of friends (like 10 people at least) who all waited, got married later, and (for the most part) have better marriages. They're more stable, heathlier, more producted, less self-centered, and just a better example of what I think a Godly marriage should be. And the friend I saw Thursday is one of them. I met her husband for the first time and he just complements her sooo well.

So, yeah, it was fun!

Not much going on. Still trying to find someone for my room. And trying not to get too discouraged in the midst of it. I know there's a reason, though I don't know what it is...

My parents come home in 4 days - and I am so excited!!!


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