05 October, 2006


Life in Denver is insane! Let’s just say that number 1. I am not socially that busy (though I think I am more than I think I am) but a new girl started in my office this week and so I am training her and that’s just taking a lot out of me. It’s also an indication that my time at the office is coming to an end, I have until the end of the month – but I really doubt I’m there until then. So guess who is job hunting??

I am also trying to keep up with friends and avoid just crawling under a rock. Last weekend Rachel and I went to the ranch for the weekend. It was sooooooo nice! We got to sleep in, and wake up to the mountains. Can I just say that waking up in the mountains in one of my favorite things in the world! There is nothing like the mountain air and the stillness that engulfs the valley the ranch is in. We left 6 years ago and it’s one of the things I miss the most…

Emotionally I am okay. I have been without a plan for almost six months now I have to say I think I am holding up okay. (For those of who you don’t know this fun quirk about me: Manda likes having a goal, something to aim for, a place I am trying to reach). Since I didn’t get the internship in DC I have been without a direction – but it’s not for lack of trying! I have had my room out there for three months; I am investigating grad school (spoke to American Univ. on Thursday, going to DU Monday, perhaps flying to Indiana to see IU, and maybe DC for Georgetown and George Mason). The problem – I have no idea what I want – well, I do, I’d reallylike a double program, MBA and something international (development, conflict resolution, etc.) so that means taking the GRE AND the GMAT (fun huh?). I can do it, but it’s another question in my life when that seems to be all there is.


I can’t control my room being rented, I can’t control getting a job, and the REALLY frustrating thing is – I can’t even plan. I can’t anticipate when my room is going to rent, so I can’t plan which job to get. And I can apply for jobs in DC, but if my apt. doesn’t rent then – oh! Never mind! Needless to say I am tired, drained, and while I know God loves me, it’s a little hard for me to see right now…

But there’s a reason right?

The plan tonight: I am going to Bath and Body Works to get something fun, might run by Barnes for a GMAT book, maybe take my laptop and go write. I should journal – yes, I am going to do that too! Then call Meggie because I miss her!

So, my birthday is in 19 days – does anyone know some fun in Denver I could go to? Also, if you live in Colorado (MEG!) and want to come down for the weekend, I’d love to see you! We’re going to have fun yo!

So… how are you?

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