20 June, 2006

How do you deal with something you don’t know how to cope with? How do you cope with something that only indirectly affects you? The greatest movements in history have come at a price. Nothing worth changing can truly come about without sacrifice…But what is that limit? When is enough enough? I don’t know how to feel about this war, but tonight my heart breaks and I shed tears for the families who lost their sons.

It’s World Refugee Day and again I don’t understand how our world can be so silent…it think it’s around 8 million people are either displaced (within their own country) or refugees (outside of their country). 8 MILLION!!! How is that possible? How do we do nothing as a world for Darfur, or the children in Uganda, or the victims of the earthquakes in the Middle East. We (I) complain about leaky ceilings when mothers awake to find their 7 year old sons gone…

…it’s a sickening perspective!

We should be teaching this in schools, not PC version of Jefferson’s life!

It just makes me so sad.

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