15 March, 2006

so I've been wrong. For over a year I've been denying myself a place I loved all because of a bad misunderstanding when I was having a bad day.

...way to go...

I reread the sermon today that made me leave my church. When I heard it a year ago I took one thing out of it - I accused my normally level headed pastor of taking a stance I find ignorant and wrong. Now, rereading his words, I find the complete opposite truth. he wasn't advocating for taking a side on a very hot issue, but rather, asking us to reject that idea and see Israel not as a nation of certain descendants, but as something that now encompasses us all.

I won't go into my view of this debate (probably cause Donald could crush me in a moment). But I am pro-Palestinian. I have been for a while. What was done to them BY "God's chosen people" was nothing short of a massacre, and it continues today because the U.S. has taken the words of Genesis (I will bless who blesses you and curse who curses you) WAY out of context.

The U.S. is on of, what 3 nations, in the UN who says Israel is valid.

it's not.

it's a human rights nightmare.

"Israel" as referred to in the Bible is not a tangible country, but something God will call to Himself. And it's not only Jewish, it's Arabic, American, German, Russian, Polish, African - There is no longer one race more precious to God - Jesus took that away and put everyone on one platform.

it's time for this lie to end.

at least now I can go back to my church.

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