08 February, 2006

When you get to a place where you only want to dwell in the moment - those around you who insist of focusing on tomorrow tend to ruin the day... Why can't we just be where we are? I am can enjoy watching a television show with someone, even if we only say three words to each other. I can be content doing my homework with a good friend sleeping ten feet away. I can be fulfilled having a group of friends over, reading magazines, and having the TV on for effect. We talk, chat, catch up and struggle through the hardships in our lives. It's meaningful. It's current.

We live jumping from stone to stone. We go from being self-reliant on our parents, to learning to crawl, to walking, to standing, and talking. We form our own ideals, and in the start they are greatly affected by those around us. When we get older we start to question and discover that we are different than what we've been taught. Grade school gives way to middle school and the finding of what intrigues us. Some of us get first loves, first heart ache. After high school, college; where we find that love of our lives (supposedly) and pick a career to last a lifetime. College, then marriage, then mortgage and children. You end up being the sole support for someone else, and the circle stars again.

But what if somewhere in the midst of the cycle we decide to stop. We don't want to look forward to the horizon and imagine tomorrow but want to enjoy today. We don't meet the love of our lives when we're 22 and that's okay. Or a career didn't come in college so trial and error ensues for a bit. Yet, no matter where we find ourselves in the steps we are always being asked about the next. And if we fail to fulfill a requirement in "due time" we are looked down on. Maybe it's subconscious and unintentional but it doesn't happen.

Life is a series of memories connected through time. We can enjoy the small ones or always be looking ahead for the next major road marker. The small moments make a life and, to me, it's truly being able to dwell in those moments that make a life worth living for.

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