10 June, 2005

Had the most amazing night last night… I will try to recount it as best I can, but I know I will fail miserably.

Lauren and Mikki both stayed over. Lauren has been there all week, and believe me she has been such a blessing… I never realized how living alone, after living with people you love dearly, can be so lonely… So, we’ve been chilling all week, going out, having dinner together – it’s been fun! The three of us decided that we’re going to hang out last night. They come over and we make dinner (spaghetti what else?) and sit and talk. Once that is over we make brownies and while they bake we start to play the question box… I love that thing for the reason that you learn something new about the people you play it with every time you play it.

So we played, and that led to a lot of discussion about who we are and what we have been through and hold dear. Even when it was a simple question (what quality is the antithesis of who you are) it was interesting to see how we all see ourselves. We laughed a lot, enjoyed warm brownies with ice cream on top, talked, and all came to the realization that being apart for the past few weeks has made us appreciate the other two more, and that what we had – how quickly we got along, the simple, at ease way we existed together – was something truly amazing and unique.

These two girls bless my life so incredibly… Who they are, who they push me to be, the way they love me so unconditionally make me cry and just whisper to God “why.” I don’t deserve to be loved how they love me, but they do me anyway, and through that I find God more, and have discovered the strength to appreciate who I am.

My life is so rich because of the people who love me as I am. It is so rare to find people who truly know who and yet love you the same. I am surrounded by people who have seen why I am smudgy and in need of a Savior, yet remain. I am surrounded by a family that is to tight knit, encouraging, and sacrificing for one another that is makes me stop…

After the brownies and question box Mikki tried to leave. But OH NO! Lauren and I were not going to let her leave without a fight. “Stay,” we pleaded, and she wanted to, oh Mikki wanted to… but she felt she should go home. Finally Lauren asked, “why go?” And that was it... So we filled the air mattress, found some sheets and blankets, got her a set of pjs, and got ready for bed. The night downstairs was full of laughter, as we got sucked into watching my picture screensaver. But we just moved around so comfortably…finally falling asleep peacefully.

It was one of those nights you want to capture and look in on when times are hard… It was a total gift from God.

thanks girls.

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