17 May, 2005

So I had the most amazing weekend - Mikki and I went to Gunnison/Creste Butte to see Tisa and Meg!!! It was, well...fantasic to say the least. I love all those girls - and there they were in one place, what could be better?

My cousin makes me happy - she really does - I love her laugh and her smile and who she is. It is rare to find someone who enjoys life as much as she does. It's cool because as I have walked with her through the hard times I have seen a Christ like attitude just appear. We have been friends (best friends) since we were like 14 - and I love her more and more every time we're together. It's cool because she was in Wheaton until last week, and we probably won't be in the same state again until December, but no matter how much time/space is between us she still gets me better than anyone and when I read her e-mails I can see her speaking to me. It's rare to find a friend like that...

So after a relaxing Saturday walking around C.B. we watched movies and made the best banana chocolate chip bread EVER - don't even think I am over-exaggerating here, I'm not! The whole loaf was gone in like 10 minutes flat - it was funny.

On Sunday we went down to Gunnison and hung out with the amazing Meg, who makes me happy and smile inside because she is who she is (and that is wonderful). She is a stable friend who can be silly when I need her to be, but isn't afraid to tell me to get over it - a good friend to have.

The drive home was fun. Then we had dinner and got ready for work...

...A very relaxing weekend that felt like an entire week long vacation...

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