24 May, 2005

Hey there everyone,

well it is my favorite time of the day... Everyone else has gone from the mailroom and now it's just me - so I get to relax and hang out until 5. Things are going alright. I went to my friend Henderson's wedding this weekend (sorry she'll always be Henderson to me). It was in the park. It was really pretty and beautiful. It was really her. The girls wore simple blue dresses that they made themselves (good job ladies!). Mikki went with me, which was good. It was hard on Saturday - her wedding wasn't until 2 and so it gave me time to think without thinking... I love Henderson and I am so excited for her, but seeing her there reminded me of how far I am from that, and how permanent these past few weeks are - between graduation and weddings most of my friends are leaving, and that's just hard. It is a time I have wanted to avoid for the past three years, now it's here - staring me in the face, not letting me go. Things are changing!

I got some information from D.C. for the fall - I am so excited! For those of you who don't know I am doing a "study abroad" program in D.C. I will be taking a couple classes and doing an internship somewhere 20-30 hours a week. It's pretty cool, they are only 40 students and we live together in this apt. building, and work in different places. I know two boys who have done this and they both speak very highly of it... So yeah, it's scary - thinking about going somewhere totally new - far from my family and the few close friends that are still here - but I am so ready! I am ready for the next step to be revealed and I truly believe D.C. will do that...

beyond that I'm just here - trying not to think about moving/cleaning this weekend - but so ready not to be living out of a suitcase anymore....

have a good day,

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